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Last month we spoke about hiking in the Drakensberg. Here is a small addendum to those remarks. The safety of our visitors is of paramount concern to us and for this reason we engage with a wide spectrum of organisations and individuals in determining what the safety and security considerations of hiking are. Because Drakensberg conditions are so changeable, and the Park is bounded by a foreign, high-altitude country on one side, our options have to be very carefully considered.

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Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife recently released a statement warning high-altitude hikers of the dangers of incidents between hikers and local herdsmen in the high ‘Berg mainly in the Amphitheatre area. This issue is still live, but hikers are still free to use the mountains. For your own security, though, please hike in groups of at least four on any high altitude hike, and at least eight for an overnight hike to the Amphitheatre. Please secure your hiking gear inside your tent and do not leave your boots outside – no matter in what state they might be! Place them inside an old supermarket bag if necessary.

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As an added precaution record the various emergency contact telephone numbers and familiarise yourselves with local emergency procedures.

And please remember to fill in the hiking and mountain rescue registers – and sign out when you leave the mountain.

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