Marine Conservation Crisis

The most recent and major biodiversity conservation event in KZN was, sadly, a very negative one. The national Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) summarily terminated the Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife contract to be the regulating authority with regards to marine and coastal conservation in KZN.

This means that a highly successful tenure of nearly 60 years will end in August unless the people of KZN demand that Ezemvelo be reinstated. No government agency can act in a way that will please everyone – especially not an agency tasked with managing a marine fishery. As Napoleon once said: “In order to make an omelet it is necessary to break some eggs.”

It is our belief, however, that EKZNW has managed its role well and and can take a certain amount of the credit for the fact that the coast of KZN still has reasonably good stocks of fish and other marine life. Unfortunately it appears that DAF has no plan for a replacement agency, and nor does it have the capacity to take on the added burden of the KZN coast. This means that if EKZNW is not reinstated, the coast of KZN will be laid wide open to poachers and the plunder of its remaining marine life. With Chinese and other Far Eastern nationality fishing vessels already raiding our precious marine resources with seeming impunity, this situation could have dire consequences for our coast if not speedily addressed.

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  1. says:

    Ezemvelo should open a book for protest signatures to be presented to the Minister.
    PJH Titlestad Mtunzini

  2. James Ballantyne
    James Ballantyne says:

    This is a catastrophe, please can you provide more than just this to the general public. How do we go about assisting Ezemvelo?

    Also, your fields that need to be populated below are not very clear on what to put where. I hope that someone gets this and is able to take action on my suggestion.

  3. David James Hammond
    David James Hammond says:

    Please let us know how to assist in getting this coastline back under the control of conservation minded people.^

  4. Siegie Fitzjohn
    Siegie Fitzjohn says:

    We managed to stop the absolute waste of fresh water into the sea at St Lucia. Let us know what we can do now.

  5. Jimmy Trevorrow
    Jimmy Trevorrow says:

    Could the The Honarary rangers that have voluntary been assisting the EKZN staff with reporting on illegal activities be not given more powers in patrolling the marine coast so as to prevent wholesale plundering of our beautiful coast line and fish stock. Also the employment siuation in the country is in dire straits and now more people are going to lose their jobs as a result of terminating the EKZN contract.

  6. Rhino Club Team
    Rhino Club Team says:

    Thank you all for your responses and obvious concern. Should you wish to take the issue further please address your concerns to the CEO, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, PO Box 13052, Cascades, 3202. You may also take the matter to your local political forum. Unfortunately this newsletter cannot become the focus of this very serious issue.


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