Hiking in the Drakensberg

One of the main attractions of a visit to the Maluti-Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site is hiking. The joy of this beautiful Park is that there are walks and hikes to suit every taste. From the serious “hardcore” hikes to the top, where snow and other extreme forms of weather can materialise within minutes, to casual strolls near your comfortable accommodation, you will find a walk or hike to suit you. There are hundreds of kilometres of walks in the lower reaches of the mountains and each one reveals its own vistas and unexpected joys and pleasures.


There is one basic, non-negotiable rule that goes with with hiking in the ‘Berg, however. FILL IN THE HIKING/WALKS REGISTERS PROPERLY BEFORE YOU SET OUT! And, importantly – please stick to your intended route. This seemingly minor point can save your life or the lives of your loved ones. These registers are accessible at al hours, so even of you planning to leave at dawn, you can still get to them. Please provide the required information fully and legibly, and avoid tongue in check comments. And please sign in again once you have completed your hike or walk. It is also good to know that R1-00 from each of your entry fees goes into a rescue/medical evacuation fund. Since its inception this fund has has provided for helicopter searches and rescues, medical evacuations of all sorts and more. So please make sure you keep your entry receipts!

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