Mankind has long held the belief that the oceans are the world’s dumping ground. For centuries we have been pouring millions of tons of effluent into our oceans, dumping millions of tons of rubbish and toxic waste into the deep oceans in the mistaken belief that the vastness of the oceans would somehow swallow it up and make it go away.

How wrong we have been. The disaster in Japan when the reactor of a nuclear power station disintegrated, allowing radio-active material to pour into the sea has seen the spread of radio-activity almost throughout the the largest ocean in the world – the Pacific. As if this is not enough researchers are finding that the very chemical composition of the world’s oceans is changing – granted in relatively small ways at this stage – but it is still changing. And this change is the result of those millions of tons of chemical waste poured into the oceans of our planet.

The radio activity on the Pacific is already having a terrible effect on the fish and other life-forms in that ocean, and seeing that body chemistry in any living organism dictates how that organism grows and lives, we can but anticipate seeing chemically induced changes there too.

The TED talks found on Youtube offer a fascinating series of short lectures by knowledgeable folk on a wide variety of subjects. For some fascinating insights into the chemical changes in the world’s oceans for the link:

If the clicking on the link doesn’t produce results please simply copy and past it to Google or whichever browser you are using. It’s well worth the effort.

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