Doom and Gloom

We were going through past newsletters the other day and found much that was informative, but also much that was quite depressing. In the July 2015 issue there are stories about plastic pollution and the terrible effect of uncontrolled charcoal production in poor countries. We can’t offer many solutions – the problems are on such a vast scale that they will require action at government level and joint action by concerned governments. An example is that charcoal production can be commercialised through the planting of suitable trees and using these to make charcoal. But this will require massive inputs by the the respective governments. Plastic pollution to can also be tackled but it requires a will to act.

An enterprising young man in the USA has developed a machine for scooping up floating plastic in the ocean. It is initiatives like this that give us hope for the future. In the long run, however, the problem needs to be tackled at its source – and that is the person or agency or business that is allowing plastic to land up in the sea. In the end it’s up to us all to remember that the environment of our planet is all we have. Without it we have nothing.

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  1. Edith Dempster
    Edith Dempster says:

    For a while, we were taking our own shopping bags to the supermarket. Now, we seem to have reverted to using the plastic bags supplied by the shops. If we could learn one thing from Zimbabwe, it would be that shopping bags are precious items that you re-use many times. They also re-use glass bottles for cold drinks and beer. Less litter, and more sustainable use of resources.


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