Dave Cook article in The Conservation Imperative – plea for legalised trade in horn

The Last Throw of the Dice. By David Cook.

In the wake of the brazen killing of a captive white rhino cow and calf within , of all places , the holding bomas at the head quarters of Ezemvelo’s game capture operations in Zululand in May 2017 the question on everyone’s lips – as the usual teeth- gnashing reaction from the conservation world gets underway – is just what kind of anti- poaching plan does the organisation and its managers operate that allows criminals to strike at the very heart of Zululand’s rhino security, and what is more, get away with it ?

Indignant claims that it must have been an “inside job” or at very least a collusive arrangement between outside criminals and someone with legitimate access or knowledge of the bomas, are peripherally unhelpful to understanding the reality of what is actually taking place – not simply here in Africa’s rhino heartland but also around the world. Have we forgotten that a rhino was poached in the Paris zoo or that a rhino orphanage north of Durban was attacked and the pathetically vulnerable, semi tame rhino it was caring for, slaughtered ?

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  1. Richard Hunt
    Richard Hunt says:

    Most probably an inside job and that is how things work in South Africa. The Rhino disaster is a reflection on the state of our country and where we are heading to. Yes our only hope is to send the Rhinos to Australia and else where before its too late!!!!!
    Ian Player did what had to be done and we must go further than ever before and as soon as possible. The majority of our country dont care a stuff about the future of the Rhino……they live in a eat and discard mentality!!

    • PW de Vries
      PW de Vries says:

      Ek stem honderdpersent saam. Wettig die handel wêreldwyd sodat die prys kan daal. Op die oomblik is daar baie tonne opgegaar wat ‘n aansienlike daling te weeg sal bring.


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